I am a single dad with four small children. Getting out and meeting people isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me, yet I am lonely and would love to find someone who would enjoy spending romantic evenings at home enjoying dinners by candlelight, bubble baths and more. A friend suggested that I use the web to meet people, and I have decided that is exactly what I will do. Online mature singles dating seems to work for many people, and with the limited amount of time that I have to go out and about on the town, I have a feeling it is going to work for me as well. I am really enthusiastic about meeting women on the web and begin having a life again while still taking care of my little ones.



Across the tracks, on the wrong side of town, there is an industrial complex. One of these buildings is owned by my friend. Stan has a small business where he makes water filtration media for his customers. He has worked hard, and now his business is expanding. As his real estate agent, I need to find him a new and larger building for his expanding business.

Stan always loved science. At some unknown point, he became entranced by the idea of clean water. He studied hard, earned his degree, and started making water filter systems in his basement. Once he had a few customers, Stan rented a building, and then he hired people to help him with his work.

Filtering water has become more important over the years. Stan chose a business that was suited to his passion, but he has found one that will continue to grow. He started out making water filters for homes and pools. Now he also makes filter systems for large companies. I am so proud of Stan, and I am glad he is happy in his work.



Everyone knows how much fun and exciting going to the circus can be. All the clowns, balloon art, jugglers. Have you ever thought about joining a circus? Have you ever wondered what kind of excitement goes on while preforming?

If you’ve always been interesting in joining the circus, now is your chance. We are taking applications for our circus skills workshop now. Come out and have some fun and clown around with us. You will get to meet new people and have tons of fun. Whether you can juggle, walk the tight rope, walk on stilts or just hula hoop, come check us out. We are looking for folks young and old who would like to get into get into the circus business.

Experience is not mandatory. So whether you’re a beginner and curious, sign up for our workshop. If you have some experience that is great. Come show us what you can do.



Ms. Kay has been working as a bridal makeup artist Manchester for approximately ten years. She worked in the entertainment industry six of those ten years. She worked with a lot of stars on television sets but was tired of the long hours and the demands of her clients. During a conversation one day with a colleague, she was told about a position with a major department store. Instead of calling the store directly, Ms. Kay went in and asked to see the hiring manager. She had her portfolio and resume to be prepared for an on the spot interview.

The department store was looking for an expert to manage, train, and work with some customers by appointment only. Those customers wanted quality work and if they did not get it, the chance of them returning would be slim to none. With her experience, she was called the next day to come in and work on a trial basis. Before establishing a clientèle, she was assigned to work with the existing personnel and help them improve their skills. After a month of training, she was asked to oversee the current employees, train the new hire, and work with the high maintenance customer.



I work at a jewelry boutique in Seattle. During a slow day, I looked up to greet a customer that just arrived. The customer looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place a name with the face. He was looking for the perfect present for his daughter’s birthday. We finally settled on a beautiful white gold and ruby pendant necklace. He decided to have it engraved for her. Then it all clicked into place. My customer was the lead singer from the opening act at a concert I attended the month before. After seeing their performance, I fell in love with the band’s music. After writing up the engraving order, I got up the nerve to ask for his autograph. The only thing nearby was the stack of NCR sets that we use to write up engraving orders. Not only did I score the autograph, now I have three copies.



My friend, Jimmy, and I were eating lunch together yesterday. We have been best friends since we were born and we had lived right next door to each other until he had to move to California. While we were eating lunch together, he mentioned that he had been thinking about sending some Harrogate flowers to Suzzie. He told me about how for the longest time he’s liked Suzzie, but doesn’t know if she likes him to. He says that he thinks this will be a great way to find out if she likes him, or if they should just be friends. I told Jimmy that it was a great idea and I even helped him deliver them. Today Suzzie called Jimmy thanking him for the gift, and asking him if he would want to see a movie sometime. Jimmy happily agreed, and is now looking up movie times on his phone.



Every morning I wake up and urinate. It’s just part of my typical schedule. Today was quite different.

After flushing the toilet, instead of the water going down the pipe, water came up the pipe! For fifteen minutes, water spewed out of the toilet and all over the bathroom! I decided to just to leave and wait for it to finish.

Finally, when I came back, everything was coated in sewage. The toilet, the shower, the sink, the walls, even the ceiling! It took me over an hour to clean, but in the process, I realized I was going to need to renovate the entire room. It was just that messy.

After purchasing all the equipment, and spending a month working on it, my bathroom is back to new! Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to correct. I had no idea bathrooms Bolton could be so complicated.



Quartz, the hard crystalline mineral, makes up 12% of the Earth’s crust, This rock star mineral plays a major role in scientific research, jewelry and manufacturing. But quartz doesn’t stop there. Some rare varieties of quartz are quite valuable while other forms of the mineral are almost as cheap as dirt. And that is just part of its magic. The chemist’s call silicon dioxide and the common folks call it silica sand.

There’s not much need for broken things in today’s quest for disposal everything, but that’s not the way nature works. Broken down quartz crystals, thanks to the work of the wind and water, turn themselves into one of the most useful products in the world. Silica or silicon dioxide contains tiny granules of quartz, and these little babies make their home in most of the non-tropical parts of the world. Quartz, the magic mineral, has many faces, and each face has something positive to say in their world of wonder.



For years I have found it difficult to communicate with my father. At first I thought with him getting older, it was just a matter of him being set in his ways and unwilling to learn new things. When I would try to explain things to him, it felt like I was beating my head against the wall. He wouldn’t listen to what I said and complete the task with the steps I provided. Needless to say we argued and I would leave upset and frustrated. My dad would look at me but, it just seemed like he wasn’t getting what I was saying.

Finally, when getting a regular checkup at the doctors they performed a hearing test and found that my father couldn’t hear certain frequencies. Now, with the help of Stockport hearing aids, he no longer has that blank look and actually gets what it is I’m saying. I’m so glad we are back to our old loving relationship.