After we moved into our new home, we realized the concrete in front of the porch was very slippery when it would rain. One of the things we found to put on it was rock salt. We knew this was for ice and snow, but it worked wonders after rain as well. Only a small amount was needed to provide the traction to walk on the sidewalk. One day, we poured salt on the concrete and noticed there were slugs nearby. The slugs crawled toward the salt and stopped. Watching them, we didn’t know what they were trying to do, but it was soon apparent they did not like the substance being there. All of a sudden, the slugs crawled over the salt and started shriveling into small masses. It seems there is another use for the popular item.



Mark was always such a kind hearted person. and so helpful in so many ways. Regardless of if he was trying to help someone with their homework or if he was giving someone a ride to school, Mark always had a heart for other. Yet, the problem with Mark though is that he also had a real appetite for life. At his current weight, he weighs 425 pounds of pure, solid, beef. Now, of course you cannot blame him, because over the years, Mark had just one thing after the other happen to him.

ALso, he tried everything to lose the weight. He tried acupuncture Manchester, fifteen different gyms, weight loss pills, weight loss programs, and more. Still, nothing seemed to work when it came to Mark and his weight loss efforts. Thus, with one alternative left, he’s going for the big one. He’s going to try diet and exercise.



When I was around eight years old, my father had a real nice boat that he liked taking into the lake behind our house. He loved that boat and would not allow anyone on it. My brother and I decided one night that we would see why he was so infatuated with it and took it out ourselves. After a while of driving the boat around the lake, we had crashed the boat into some rocks that laid in shallow waters. We were so afraid that the only thing we could think to do was call the numbers on the business cards from the person who sold our father the boat and ask for a new one. He of course said no, but he did say that damage from theft was in the warranty he had ordered. When we got home, my father was incredibly mad and grounded us.



Although admittedly a bit on the tacky side, I chose the ever cliché weight loss/muscle gain New Year’s resolution this time through. However, this year I really wanted to success, I didn’t want to be just another schmuck who made a promise to themselves that got quickly tossed out the window for a Big Mac and large fry. This time around I decided in order to keep myself on track I would benefit from someone who has an expertise in this sort of thing. So, I decided to hire a personal trainer Newcastle.

I was admittedly a bit skeptical and dare I say questioning of the quality persona that personal trainers have to offer (I had a friend in college who was a professional trainer and professional douchebag). So I hired one and she ended up being fantastic. I didn’t feel pressured or judged at any point and she worked with me to make sure I was properly doing the exercises. After following her instruction for six months I had lost a total of 30 lbs of fat and tacked on about as much in lean muscle. Definitely something to look into if you’re serious about getting fit but perhaps lack the necessary motivation.